Our customers have convenient access to thorough home inspection reports via our online home inspection reports. This convenient method allows you to always have access to your report, and includes pictures of deficiencies found on a property. Below are examples of photos and report comments taken from typical home inspections:


Structures are not uniform, and meet the standards of the year in which they were built. We describe and identify the various foundation types and the floor, wall, ceiling and roof structures in accordance with state and industry standards. If the foundation is a slab type, we examine the stem walls that extend beyond the footings. If it is a raised foundation, we either enter the crawl space to inspect its structural components, or indicate in what manner it was evaluated. Similarly, we identify the structure of walls and the roof framing. However, we are generalists and not specialists. Therefore, in the absence of any major defects, we may not recommend that you consult with a geo-technical engineer, but this should not deter you from seeking the opinion of such an expert.

Home Inspection: Concrete & Steel Twish JacksRaised Foundation or Basement
Description of Foundation Type
Informational Conditions
The foundation is typical pre-manufactured home style with concrete and steel twist jacks that are set on 2 x 10 treated boards.


Mobile Home Roof

Home Inspection Report - Mobile Home Roof

Wall Covering

Type of Material
Informational Conditions
The exterior walls are clad with aluminum siding.

Gutters & Drainage
Components and Conditions Need Service
The gutters need typical maintenance service, such as cleaning, or securing and aligning them, and sealing their seams, etc.

Home Inspection Report - Rain Gutters

Potable Water Pipes
Type of Material
Informational Conditions
Home Inspection Port Hueneme - Water Shut-offThe residence is served by galvanized water pipes.

Water Main Location
Informational Conditions
The water main shut-off valve is located in the side yard.

Galvanized Water Pipes
Informational Conditions
The potable water pipes within this residence are galvanized, and are assumed to be original. The appear to be in acceptable condition. However, they may produce rusty looking water from time to time, and because the water volume in such pipes will gradually be reduced by a build-up of minerals within them, we evaluate them but do not fully endorse them. However, there is a predictable but mild reduction in volume when two or more fixtures are in use at the same time that we can demonstrate, but which you may wish to have a plumber evaluate.

Waste & Drainage System

Drain Pipes, Waste Pipes, and Vent Pipes
There is a drain pipe leak in the foundation area, below the guest bathroom (rear) which should be repaired.

Home Inspection Camarillo - Leaky Drain Pipe

Home Inspection Thousand Oaks - Faulty Water Heater StrapWater Heaters
Seismic Straps
The water heater is not properly secured, and needs to be strapped in accordance with State Building Codes and local standards. All water heaters are required to be double-strapped for seismic safety.


Various circuits within the sub-panel are not labeled and should be serviced by an electrician so that the appropriate load calculations and breaker sizes can be determined.

Heating & Air Conditioning

We evaluate air-conditioning systems in accordance with state or industry standards, including identifying and testing them with their components. However, there are a wide variety of heating and air-conditioning systems, which range from newer high-efficiency models to older low-efficiency models.


Heat System 1
Forced Air Furnace
The furnace is functional, although from the crawl space it appears that the heater plenum is falling away from the bottom side of the floor.

Home Inspection Ventura: Furnace sheet metal failing
Gas Valve & Connector
You should be aware that the gas feed line that passes through the furnace sidewall is flexible, and is required by current code to be rigid until it passes beyond the furnace, and then flexible to the point where it connects to the gas valve. This condition should be corrected by an HVAC contractor.

Home Inspection Oxnard - Gas Valve Failing


home-inpection-reports-kitchen-sinkCounter Top
Informational Conditions
The kitchen counter top has typical cosmetic damage, which would not necessarily be serviced.
Informational Conditions
The kitchen sink has typical cosmetic damage, and would not necessarily need to be serviced.
Functional Components & Conditions
The kitchen sink faucet is functional.
Valves & Connectors
Functional Components & Conditions
The valves and connectors below the sink are functional. However, they are not in daily use and will inevitably become stiff or frozen.
Trap & Drain
Functional Components & Conditions
The trap and drain at the kitchen sink are functional.
Garbage Disposal
Functional Components & Conditions
The garbage disposal is functional.
Gas Range
Components and Conditions Needing Service
The gas range would not light and may need to be replaced. The gas range is old, and probably the same age as the residence, so it will obviously not be as efficient as a newer model and should not be expected to last indefinitely.
Gas Cook Top
Informational Conditions
The burners and pilot lights on the gas cook top need to be cleaned and adjusted.


Home Inspection Westlake Village - Bathroom Sink & TubSize & Location
The bathroom is full-sized and located in the rear.
The entry door needs to shaved or trimmed to open and close easily.
The bathroom floor is carpeted and has no significant defects.
Sink, Faucet, Valves & Connectors, Trap, and Drain
The bathroom sink countertop is functional but has typical cosmetic damage.
The mechanical sink stopper will need to be adjusted to work properly.
The tub/shower drains too slowly and should be serviced, because blockages can progress beyond the drain trap and involve the main waste line.
The toilet is loose and should be secured.
Ceiling Heater
The bathroom ceiling heater is functional
The bathroom lights are functional.
The bathroom sink outlets should be upgraded to have ground-fault protection.

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